terms and conditions

By purchasing a commission the client is automatically bound to these Terms and Conditions. This page may be updated periodically. First-person references, (I, Me, Myself) within these conditions refer to the artist of the commission transaction. Client will refer to the customer, or purchaser, of the transaction.

If a client has any questions about these terms they are encouraged to email their inquiry directly to godbirdart@gmail.com.



  1. Acceptance of a commission is not guaranteed. I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason.

  2. Prices are subject to change. If a price for an item were to change after the time of purchase, the client will not be reimbursed or billed the difference.

  3. Clients are encouraged to review my FAQ prior to commissioning.


  1. For posterity, all conversations regarding commissions are to be conducted over email. Social media is not considered a reliable platform as things can be deleted or lost.


  1. I reserve the right to display commissioned artwork for advertising and self promotion purposes unless the client explicitly requests their commission be private. This must be noted at the time of purchase or before the artwork is completed.

  2. The client is welcome to publish their purchased artwork on their own social media, in online art galleries, and in online character archives. This is provided my credit stamp [signature] remains intact on the artwork.

  3. The client may print their purchased artwork for their own personal use, provided it is not for profitable means.

  4. Clients looking to have work marketed for profit must reach out to me and receive permission in written documented text.

  5. Should the client wish to credit me, they may link to any of my social media, credit under the name GODBIRDART, or link directly to my website at www.godbirdart.com.


  1. All commissions are listed on my public queue located here.

  2. Position in the queue may shift depending on payment or response time.

  3. Unpaid commissions that have exceeded ten days in the queue without response from the client, and if no other arrangements have been made, will be removed from the queue without notice and the order considered forfeit.

  4. Every commission is subject to my current turnaround time. Larger orders may require more time. Patreon content is prioritized as it is time sensitive.


  1. Artistic Liberty herein is defined as a piece of artwork done entirely at the artist's discretion.

  2. Clients that choose Artistic Liberty understand that they will not receive any concept draft after payment.

  3. Clients must be aware that any poses, expressions, themes or the like will be chosen by myself unless they specify a detail beforehand in the commission form.

  4. Tweaks and minor adjustments, such as markings, and colour shifts, may be made after the completion of the print.

  5. Clients must understand that any requested changes that would impact the integrity of the lineart will require an additional fee.

  6. As with all commissions, artistic liberty commissions are non-refundable once paid.



Work in Progress updates [or WIPs for short] are mid-progress updates sent back to the client for approval before the commission is finished. WIPs are often sent after the lineart phase has been completed and before colour has been applied to the character(s). Larger commissions, such as Illustrations, Reference Sheets, Clothing Reference Sheets, and Lockscreens may receive WIP updates as these take more time to complete. Smaller commissions, such as Telegram Stickers or Portraits, are often completed within one workday.

  1. If the client was not issued a WIP during the commission process, they may still request tweaks or adjustments once the final print has been sent back (and are encouraged to do so if they see any errors within their print!)

  2. If the client was sent a WIP and would like to make large changes to the artwork that would impact the integrity of the lineart after the print has been completed (such as dramatically moving a character's limb or readjusting the pose) a small fee may apply.


A quote is a PDF copy of an invoice that is emailed to the client.

Quote pricing is redeemable up until the next immediate commission opening. Opening dates are posted on Twitter, and on Telegram, as well as on the main page of my site.



  1. Finished artwork will be sent to the client through email. Clients are encouraged to check spam inboxes as some emails wind up there.

  2. The client may request adjustments to be made to the finished artwork within three (3) business days of its completion. This includes but may not be limited to: minor colour adjustments, minor lineart tweaks, detail touch-ups. Prints are immediately archived after this for organizational purposes.

  3. Finished artwork is kept on file for three business days following completion before it is archived. Clients are encouraged to save both the email containing the artwork as well as a copy of the finished artwork itself.


  1. Payments must be made in full through Paypal or Square.

  2. The client understands that they are paying for the non-refundable time and expertise of an artist. Paid commissions are not eligible for refunds.

  3. Chargebacks issued by a client's financial institution, Square, or Paypal MUST be compensated by the client.

  4. Invoices are due within ten days of issue. If the client has not paid, or made other arrangements with me, then their order will be removed from my queue and their commission will be considered forfeit. A client wishing to resume this commission may be subject to an additional fee.


  1. A "Cancelled Commission" is an order of which either the client or myself have requested to terminate the business transaction.

  2. Commissions are automatically cancelled if the client has not communicated with me within ten consecutive days during invoicing phase. This does not apply if the client has made special arrangements with me in written documented text.

  3. Commissions that have been paid for are not eligible for cancellation by the client.

  4. I, the artist, may cancel a commission at any time for reasons such as: conflict of interest or personal circumstance.

  5. If I must cancel after the commission has been paid for, the client will receive a refund through Paypal or Square [depending on their payment method] accommodating an email notifying the client of the termination. Refunds may be effected by Paypal fees.


  1. ***this section applicable specifically to prints involving multiple clients for large-scale prints***

  2. Large scale prints have on average a 4 -5 month turnaround. This varies depending on the amount of individual characters and detail.

  3. All clients participating will be sent individual invoices. All clients must pay their respective invoice.

  4. Group prints are subject to the terms featured in the Payments and Refunds section above.

for further inquiries please email godbirdart@gmail.com