Need a deity in your universe's lore? Unable to come up with that specific aesthetic you need for a patron god? Look no further, for the Old Gods series has debuted! These adoptables are premade designs made by yours truly. They are one of a kind and can only go to one person, so it's first come first served!

☆Terms of Adoption☆

It is advised they keep the deity status they come with.

They cannot be resold for more than initially purchased for.

After purchase, the buyer may alter their purchased design slightly if they so choose.

The buyer will get a textless high-res copy of their adoptable's artwork.

and of course; you MUST purchase the design with legal tender in order to obtain ownership! these are not free for public use!

Those looking to purchase an available adoptable are encouraged to message me privately on Twitter or on FurAffinity. All adopted Old Gods will remain featured here with their new owner linked.

Follow my Telegram Channel for early notifications on upcoming adoptables!


deity of storms and new growth


purchased by BiraloBhalu


deity of spirits and unrest


purchased by alphakade


all rights reserved