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Q: How often do you accept commissions?

A:  I open for commissions once a month on the 20th between 3PM-3:30PM Mountain Time. If any rescheduling happens, I make announcements on both Twitter and Telegram.​

Q: How can I commission you?

A: Use my Google Form during my commission openings. This is posted to Twitter and Telegram at the time of my opening, and remains open for half an hour. Applicants are chosen via a randomizer to prevent overbooking and favoritism. Commission applications must ALWAYS be submitted through this form to be eligible for a slot, unless otherwise agreed. Exceptions are made for Group Prints and Longterm projects.

Q: How will I know if I got a slot during your opening?

A: I email back all the applicants personally after my opening! Once all clients have been emailed I will announce so on Twitter.

Q: What don’t you draw for commissions?

A:  I do not draw the following:

  • gore / extreme body horror* / torture / self harm.

  • racist or otherwise discriminatory material / themes that could be harmful to others.


* ! casual body horror may be permitted provided it isn't riddled with excessive blood and viscera. this includes extra limbs, multiple eyes, decapitation, and impalement. candy gore may be permitted but please inquire first.

I only accept SFW commission requests during my monthly openings.

Q: How do you prioritize your workload?

A: Patreon is always prioritized first. Patreon is time-sensitive and will always be pushed to be completed before the month rollover. Commissions not taken through Patreon will be worked on between and/or after Patreon work. Other items, such as giveaways, trades, and raffles will be completed as time is available after the preceding obligations.​

Q: How do I pay / what is the payment process for commissions?

A: Currently, payments can be taken through Square or Paypal. Please request a quote ahead of time via email to have an accurate price for a commission.

Q: Can you explain your turnaround time? Does this mean x amount of days to finish per print, or all the prints in your queue?

A: My turnaround time estimates how long [your] print will take to complete after its paid date. Depending on the queue length and my availability, this turnaround may vary. Any interruptions on your print's progress [such as a planned holiday] will be emailed to you at the earliest convenience. Please remember that multiple prints, extra characters, and sticker packs (depending on quantity) can take longer to complete.

Q: Do you accept custom orders?

A: I am open to taking some off-menu requests. If you are requesting a commission that would be considered off-menu (read: not listed in my available styles), please email me directly!

Q: I really liked [x] style you offered some time ago! Would I be able to order something like that?

A: Yeah, absolutely! Even if styles are taken off my page, it doesn't mean I won't do them at all ever again per se. Email me ahead of time for an accurate quote!

Q: What information do you need for commissions?

A: I need the following from you:

  • A coloured reference that has very minimal shading (or at least a colour palette bar if it is shaded!)

  • Your billing email and contact email (this is how you'll receive any and all art regarding your order!)

  • Your username from any (1) social media account so that you can be credited for the commission.*

* if for any reason you do not want your commission published, please mention so when filling out your form!

Q: It's been a while and I haven't heard from you!

A: Please check your spam inbox first to see if any emails of mine have wound up there! If there's still nothing, you're more than welcome to send an email over at any time for an update on the status of your print(s)!

Q: Hey, you've finished my print but I'm not happy with (insert detail). Can you adjust it for me? Does it cost extra?

A: By all means, PLEASE bring it to my attention if you want a detail tweaked in your final print! Minor things such as colour swaps, missing markings, fixing a small line - I'd be more than happy to adjust it for you! Please note that larger edits such as adjusting the angle of an arm, turning a character's head or any adjustments that would largely impact the integrity of the original lineart may be subject to a fee to compensate for the additional work. This fee varies depending on the style of print and the amount of work needed to make the edit.

Q: You drew this Telegram Sticker for me last year, and I'd love to have it updated/changed!

A: I can do that! If you have an old Telegram Sticker that is outdated, needs a change, or is generally just old, I'm glad to offer to redraw it! Redraws come at a discounted fee from my current Telegram Sticker pricing. To be eligible for a redraw fee, the update must resemble or be the same theme as the sticker being redrawn. So for example, if you would like a YCH hug sticker updated, the redraw must be another hug sticker. You can request to have another character drawn into the YCH slot, but this will also require an additional character fee.


Q: I commissioned you in 2014 to do an art piece for me - but I've since lost the file! Do you still have a copy?

A: If you ever lose your print, please contact me and I'll see if I still have a copy! I also recommend checking your inbox history if we communicated over email for your commission as the attached final piece may still be there.

Q: I commissioned [x] print from you [insert time] ago and my character has changed, can you adjust the artwork?

A: Please email me first if you'd like to have artwork updated. There's a good chance I can fix minor edits, some colours and design features - however, anything that greatly impacts the lineart may prove more difficult. I do not keep layered files for longer than a week after a commission transaction has concluded. There will be a fee for the edit, fee varies depending on the work needed.


Q: How can I tip you for your work?

A: You can tip me directly through the invoice itself, or if you would like to tip after a commission you can do so through my Ko-Fi or!