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Do you have a great idea for a print, but lack the time or skill to make it a reality? It may be time to turn to an artist to provide the creative flair, design experience, and eye for detail you require! Check out my commission styles below to see what I can do for you!

Click the individual artwork for full view.

Prices are listed in CAD.

I accept:


Telegram Stickers

$20 per sticker

+$10 for complicated character designs

designed to be compatible with Telegram

☆ coloured, minimal to no shading

may be simplified to fit style!


client will be supplied with the individual 512px x 512px files

as of July 2019, I am no longer creating preloaded sticker packs or sticker sheets

Landscape Portraits

$100 for waist up

no full body option

single character only

☆ natural setting only [forest, mountains, etc]

Full Body Portraits

$110 - $160 for full body

+$45 per additional character

☆ coloured with shading

☆ no background / flat colour background

Lock Screen / Phone Wallpapers


$70 per additional character

☆ waist up, headshot or bust

full body not available for this style

☆ simple backgrounds included

☆ coloured with shading



$70 per additional character

+$100 for backgrounds including audience / crowd characters

☆ coloured with shading

☆ includes background

Reference Sheets


includes front + back, colour bar, and name

includes species and gender (if applicable)

☆ +$15 per headshot

☆ add accessories +$15 per item

☆ add focused detail [eyes, ventral/dorsal wings, etc] +$15 Each

☆ add feral form [front view] +$45

☆ add alternate form or additional front OR back view +$45

tasteful nude references may be permitted

Want a quote? My inbox is open!

Please email me at to grab an accurate quote for a print. I'll get back to you as soon as possible! I recommend grabbing a quote ahead of time before placing an order through my order form. Please Note: Quote pricing is valid for up to a month (30 days) after issue date.



Curious about off-menu orders? I take those too!

Custom orders include but are not limited to: custom character designs, chibis, and artistic liberty pieces. Please feel free to email me directly at if you're interested in ordering something off-menu!

Commissions otherwise must be ordered through my Order Form! Commission openings are listed at the header of this page and is updated regularly. Consider following me on Twitter or my Telegram Channel for updates on commission openings!


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example of a $160 portrait