Prices are in Canadian [CAD], not USD.

I accept payments through Square. 

Paypal available upon request.

Telegram Stickers

$25 per sticker

designed to be compatible with Telegram

coloured, minimal to no shading

can be full body, waist up, a headshot, even a meme redraw if you want

character may be simplified to fit style

client will be supplied the 512 x 512 artwork

Mawplay Portrait


bust [no waist up / full body]

single character

can have YCH hands or another OC's hands

client can request additional hands

Flat Colour Portraits


+$70 per extra OC

no background option

[gradients, props or simple bgs okay]

full body

Shaded Portraits


+$70 per extra OC


no background option

[gradients, props or simple bgs okay]

waist up OR full body

coloured and shaded



+$80 per additional OC

bust to waist up [no full body]

any background setting

coloured and shaded

Outfit Reference


+$80 per additional outfit

full body

base price includes three outfits

can be chosen outfits or artistic liberty

coloured, no shading



waist up to full body

coloured and shaded

background included, can be any setting

+$90 per extra OC


$60 per member 

what's included?

  • full body [if applicable]

  • colour and shading

  • individual art file of each member

detailed backgrounds are an additional $150

background fee is waived for groups of 10 members or more.

**please note: group prints require multiple months to complete, extremely slow turnaround**

group prints require special organization. please email me directly if you are interested in organizing a group print.

Commission openings are announced monthly on Twitter and Telegram.

For general inquiries or quotes, please feel free to email me at

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