Prices are in Canadian

I accept payments through Square. 

Paypal available upon request.

Telegram Stickers

$20 per sticker

designed to be compatible with Telegram

coloured, minimal to no shading

character may be simplified to fit style

client will be supplied the 512 x 512 artwork


$65 [shaded]

$50 [flat colour]

single character

may be simplified to fit style

colour and shading

full body

props / accessories permitted

Symmetry Portrait


waist up [no full body]

natural environments only [no urban/cities]

single character



+$70 per extra OC

+$150 for detailed background

waist up OR full body

coloured and shaded



+$30 per additional OC

bust to waist up [no full body]

any background setting

coloured and shaded

Reference Sheets


flat colour - no shading

default reference sheet

  • front view

  • cropped back view

  • eye view

  • name

  • colour palette


free with base price

[client must be sure to request these if they want to have them added to their sheet!]

  • up two full body views

  • up to two chibis

  • up to three accessory or wing details [these just show only the accessory or wings, see Castline's earring for example]

clients may request more full body views, chibis or details for an additional fee:

extra full body: +$70

extra chibi: +$35

extra detail: +$25